We lost ‘Kind’


I was aghast to see that members of the Ku Klux Klan drove valiantly and brazenly today through the town of Roxboro, North Carolina, to hail Trump’s victory. Of course, some people decried it, but there it is – pure evil.

The existence of evil is not new in the fabric of society; the anger, hatred and darkness have always been there. Sometimes we see it, and at times, we forget about it.

It can be said that complex societal interactions over the past several decades have produced conditions such that the evil and anger have percolated through the cracks that were hitherto sealed by the so-called veneer of civilization. Like a parched, drought torn lakebed, the cracks were evident but appeared benign.

While there was some balance and hope, this veneer stayed intact. However, avarice and corruption have tipped the balance over recent years; people feel cheated and powerless.

Enter Trump, who is the embodiment of societal regression and baseline moral codes. The once intact veneer developed fissures that became active and receptive to Trump when he came along. He serves as a conduit for the cesspool to erupt.  He is not in and of himself capable of unleashing this steaming geyser of filth into society, but he is the megaphone of real and existing evil.

The preconditions for an idiot such as Trump to take the helm of an advanced western country were created in the gutter of capitalist filth. Corporate and multinational power games overtook the notions of common decency and became the driving forces behind the Republican bid for control.

The founding resistance to Aristocracy seems to have morphed into resistance to (even sneering at) elitism of any kind, including actual expertise in some area. Funnily enough, this doesn’t seem to apply to medical people…There are vast (and often internally contradictory) complexities.  Compunded with a ersistent strain of anti-intellectualism that leaves a lot of the population vulnerable to “fake news” and a talented flim-flam man…
This anachronistic and shortsighted party manipulated and drove into the dirt the very society they swore they revered. While they applauded the ignoble rising of the Tea Party, invisible forces of corruption were at work behind the scenes over the years, finally coalescing to the narrowing of their options regarding a viable leader.

Trump is a social aberration we should not see in the year 2016. Here we are, though, faced with him as Commander in Chief to be of the United States. He is a man with no ethics or integrity. He is a liar and buffoon. Do not be fooled that this man is where he is because he has anything to offer us. He is where he is because we have allowed evil to overcome the qualities we need to value most: compassion, fairness and decency.

Can we resurrect these essential social qualities and take measures to correct this malignant imbalance? Can we to avoid the apocalyptical failure in our society that is imminent?

I don’t speak of a religious answer, far from it. It is a time when we should take responsibility for our morality. Time we stopped worshiping money as a god.  If I have learned anything from this election outcome, it is that somewhere we lost ‘Kind.


Janice Konstantinidis.


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