99 Ways to Fight Trump:

We need to get this man out of the way of our progress.

99 Ways to Fight Trump

Stop by daily for more actions as we build to 99:

  1. Urge the Electoral College electors not to vote for Trump on December 19th.  It’d be an unprecedented step, but Trump represents an unprecedented threat to our democracy. Petitions here and here.
  2. Don’t just complain to your friends, let Congress know how you feel.  Often.  When you disagree with them AND when you agree.  Write Reps here & Senators here.
  3. Better yet, call Congress: (202)225-3121 will connect you to any member
  4. Donate to the ACLU, and help them fight back to defend our freedom.
  5. Share this post.  Tons of people are looking for a way to fight back, and need specific guidance.
  6. Run for office. School board, local council, dog catcher, etc.  Perilously few good people are doing this, and some frighteningly stupid people are winning as a result. (If you’re a young woman interested in running…

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