Monthly Archives: January, 2023

America and Guns.

Today is the 25th day of 2023, and there have already been 39 mass shootings in this country, resulting in 70 dead, 167 injured, and countless traumatized. Mary Trump New York Times January 25, 2023 The back-to-back massacres illustrate what, for many, feels like a near constant drumbeat of mass shootings in America. Already, in …

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Fall Wreath

Fall wreath The fall wreath placed, is bittersweet. Vibrant colors, goodbye heat. Inviting door is there to greet, the coming season. Reaping wheat, from pastures yellow, acorns dropped; the earth is mellow. Gardens bend their weary heads, and tired Clematis crave their beds. The wreath for winter, calls December, no more the colors of September. …

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Living In The Present

Depression can be the result of an inability to plan a future. Trying to be aware of enjoying the moment is a healthy ambition. When we are young, there are a plethora of goals, rites of passage, fantasies, and so many more things that we need to consider. We have many choices and a strong …

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