Janice Exter Konstantinidis
Paso Robles California

Bio: I live in Paso Robles, on the Central Coast of California. I enjoy writing poetry, memoir and short fiction. Born in Tasmania Australia, I immigrated to the USA in 2005 I draw inspiration from nature and a deep regard and sense of the transience of life . I have had many of my poems published in several literary magazines in the USA. I find great joy and comfort in writing poetry. My memoir is a work in progress. The basis of this memoir is my early life as an incarcerated child, who was forced to work in the Catholic system of Magdalene Laundries in Australia. My Wikipedia Page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Saint_Canice Illustrates the various complexities of my life as “Forgotten Australian.” I have been featured as a guest writer for the Australian National Museum on several occasions. http://nma.gov.au/blogs/inside/2011/02/28/life-in-the-mag/ http://nma.gov.au/blogs/inside/2011/03/10/janice-konstantinidis/ Other writing may be seen at the Australian National Library. I was asked to contribute to a project undertaken by the Australian National Library. http://forcedadoptions.naa.gov.au/content/losing-my-daughter-part-1 My account of her incarceration was published in the Australian Catholic Historical Society Journal: 2009 http://web.maths.unsw.edu.au/~jim/magdalen.pdf I am currently writing a book of limericks. People tell me that I have a lively sense of humor. My poetry, often lyrical, often asks the reader to look deeply into the beauty of nature. I will be on a panel of poets at the Central Coast Writers Conference 2018 My co-panelists are, Kim Addonizio and Laure-Anne Bosselaar. The name of our panel is: "Poetry as Lyrics, Limmericks and Love."​ Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts - University of Tasmania Bachelor of Letters - Australian National University Graduate Diploma in Education – University of Canberra. I am is currently the president of SLO NightWriters the premier writing organization on the Central Coast of California.

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